How to Charge Lenovo Laptop Without A Charger

Sometimes you might not be able to get a laptop to work because the laptop might have a dead battery or low battery. Without a charged battery, you will not be able to use this kind of high-tech tool. There is a high probability that you might face this problem when you leave the charger at home. 

Sometimes, your charger may lose its functionality. At that time, you should not get nervous. Because there are multiple ways to solve this issue. If you are a tech-savvy person, then you can fix perform this task quite easily. Here, you will get to know various ways on how to charge a Lenovo laptop without a charger

Effective Solutions to Charge Lenovo laptop Without A Charger:

Here we discussed a few effective solutions that will help you to charge a Lenovo laptop without a charger. Therefore, you need to follow the below given instructions carefully. 

Solution 1: Use USB to Charge Lenovo Laptop 

If you don’t have a charger to charge your laptop, then you can use the USB port. You should be aware that it is the same procedure as charging the mobile phone with the help of a power bank. In your laptop, you find many ports but you can’t use those ports for charging purposes. 

With the help of those ports, you can charge as well as give power to other devices. You can even transfer data between two devices. Nowadays, you find new types of ports in the market such as Type B and Type C. You must know that Power bank provides power to the laptop via USB-Type C. 

But make sure that the rated voltage of the power bank is higher than the laptop rated voltage. If you have the C-Type USB, then you need an adapter to charge the laptop. In various mobile phones, you will find a C-Type port easily. 

With the help of the data cable, you will be able to charge a laptop. For that, just connect both the laptop and mobile phone with a data cable. You might not get high power connectivity but in critical times, it helps you a lot. 

Solution 2: Charge Laptop Battery Externally 

Sometimes, the power port of the laptop might get damaged. Then you need to detach the power port from the power source. Because of those reasons, you will be unable to charge the laptop battery. If you don’t have the charger, then you can charge your laptop battery externally. There are three methods to charge the laptop’s battery externally. 

First, make sure that the AC adapter is available in the laptop battery. Then, you need to connect the charger to the adapter port to charge it manually. 

You can even buy an external battery charger to charge your laptop manually. But make sure that it is compatible with your laptop model as a different machine has differently manufactured machines. Hence, you need to check the external charger specifications before connecting it with your laptop. 

You can buy an external battery to charge your laptop externally. Before buying the battery, you need to check whether it is equipped with an AC adapter port or not. While using the old battery, you can recharge the backup battery externally. Moreover, you should not be worried because your important tasks will not be affected.  

When the old battery is out of the charge, then you can replace it with an externally charged battery. Before using the power banks, you need to consider your laptop battery’s specifications. You should also consider the AC adapter option in order to use the power bank efficiently. 

Solution 3: Use a Phone to Charge a Laptop 

Yes, you can charge your laptop by using your mobile phone. At that time, there was no need to have a C type charger. You might not know that your laptop contains a female port that supports the C type USB cord. 

To charge through C type USB cord, make sure that you have a type- C to type- C USB cord. To do the connection, you need to connect one port to the laptop and the other side to your phone. When you connect your phone for charging, a menu will pop up. After clicking the menu, you need to click on the “Supply power to other connected devices” option. 

You should know that your phone might drain out its battery as a laptop requires more power. If your phone and laptop have a different battery type, then you should not apply this method. Because of it, the battery will be damaged permanently. Good USB cords like type- C will be damaged permanently because of your experiment. 

Hopefully, with the help of these solutions, you will be able to charge your Lenovo laptop without a charger. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can you charge your iPhone through your laptop? 

Ans: Yes, you can charge your iPhone with the help of your PC as well as your laptop. You can use classic and touch iPod devices to charge your iPhone. Make sure that your computer is not in the standby or the sleep mode. Because in these conditions, you will not be able to charge your iPhone. 

  • How to charge an iPad on the computer? 

Ans: If you want to charge an iPad from a laptop, then go through the steps mentioned below. 

  • Use a power cable to plug your laptop into a wall outlet. 
  • Then, turn the laptop on. 
  • Now, make sure that you have plugged the smaller end of the iPad’s charging cable into the iPad’s Lightning port. You have to put the other end of the charging cable into a USB port on your laptop. Thus, you will be able to start charging the iPad. 
  • How to charge your phone if the charger port is broken? 

Ans: It might be possible that the charger ports of your phone are broken. You need to perform the following steps to charge your phone. 

  • To fix the charger port, make sure that you have removed the battery carefully. 
  • Then hold and rub the battery between your palms in order to generate enough heat and friction. 
  • After putting the battery into the phone, try to charge the phone again. 

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