How To Fix The Caps Lock Indicator In Your Lenovo Laptop

Laptop or modern keyboards, nowadays have indicators on the Caps Lock button. It helps you to identify or notice whether the Caps Lock on the keyboard of your device is active or not. About 70% of Lenovo laptops contain an LED indicator. Most users face the issue with the indicators. The indicators do not work mostly in devices that use the Windows 10 operating system. 

If you are also a Lenovo user and are facing the same problem, then do not panic. It is quite a minor problem and does not require any difficult steps to solve them. Here you will get a complete solution to solve the Lenovo Caps lock indicator Windows 10 problem. 

Solutions to Get Rid of the Caps Lock Indicator Not Working Issue:

Generally, if the issue occurs in the Lenovo device, then the primary solution that might remove this issue is the reinstallation of the keyboard software or due to some problems in the keyboard settings. 

Well, here you will get many solutions that will help you with the Lenovo caps lock indicator Windows 10 issue. So, check them out and do not forget to apply each and every step of the solution. If one of the solutions does not remove this issue, then try other solutions given below as well.

Solution 1: Change the Access Settings of your Device

This is one of the simplest and easy-to-apply solutions to solve this annoying issue. The steps for this solution is given below:

  • Click on the Windows Start button that you will find on the Homepage of your device. On the Start menu, click on the Settings tab. There you will find the Ease of Access option. Right-click on it.
  • On the navigation bar that is present on the left side of the Ease of Access tab, select the keyboard. 
  • As the new tab opens, go to the right side of the tab and turn on the “hear a tone when you press Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock” feature that you will find under the Toggle Keys.

Thus, this will play a sound whenever you activate or deactivate the keys present in the solution. This will act as a notification tone and eventually solve your issue.

Solution 2: Use TrayStatus to Enable the Caps Lock Indicator

This is an application that helps you to solve the Lenovo Caps lock indicator Windows 10 issue. The software directly places the indicator icons in the Taskbar of your device. Not only that, but it also displays the status of different keys like CTRL, ALT, SHIFT and the Windows key as well. You can also keep a track of all your hard drive activity with an indicator icon with the help of this software. 

The size of this application is less than 4 MB and is very easy to use. Just download the application in your device from the official website of Tray Status.

Solution 3: Turn on the Caps Lock Indicator 

Another small application that you can use to solve the Lenovo caps lock indicator Windows 10 issue is Keyboard Indicator. It is the same as that of TrayStatus. Whether you use Windows XP or Windows 10, the application will work fine. Users generally recommend TrayStatus primarily, but the Keyboard Indicator application also offers you some unique features. 

With the different notifications of the status of the keys like CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK or SCROLL LOCK, this application also gives you various kinds of toast notifications that play sounds every time when you click on it.

Another great feature of this application is that you change the font size, font color and the time duration for the animation. Customization of text that you will see in the display is also available in this application. The application is present on the Keyboard Indicator official website. Just simply visit the official website with the help of your web browser and from there, download the application in your device.

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Solution 4: Try Removing the Updates that might cause this Problem

Many times due to different updates in the operating system of your Lenovo device, this issue might occur. As nowadays the recent updates automatically start to download. These updates might raise this Lenovo Caps lock indicator Windows 10 issue. All you can do is to remove the updates from your device to solve this issue. The steps to do so is given below:-

  1. Press the Windows button and I button together with the help of your keyboard. This will open the Settings tab.
  2. On the Settings tab, search and click on the Update & Security option. There you will find the View Install Update History option. Click on it.
  3. On the new tab that will open, select the Uninstall Updates option.
  4. A list of updates will open, double click on the first update to remove it. Now, check if the issue is still present or not. 

These are the few solutions by which you can solve the Lenovo caps lock indicator Windows 10 issue easily.  


  • Are these solutions applicable to all Lenovo laptops?

Yes, you can apply these solutions to any Lenovo laptops with any operating system.

  • Will the application affect any kind of settings in my device?

No, these applications will not change any kinds of settings in your system. It will just provide you information about the status of the HotKeys present in your device.

  • Do I have to change the keyboard of my Lenovo laptop?

Not necessarily, you can easily apply these solutions.

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