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BIOS are a non-volatile firmware which is used to perform initialization of hardware during the booting process, and it provides services for operating systems and programs. It tests the system hardware components and loads boot loader from the mass memory device. These BIOS are specifically designed to work with the particular motherboard or computer model.

Usually, the BIOS is stored on ROM chips, and it can be replaced or but not altered. But if there are any problems in updating your BIOS or any programming in your BIOS, you may call us to avail our services.

Are you unable to update your BIOS or restore BIOS to Factory Settings

If the user has attempted to overclock their personal computer and their PC fails, then your BIOS settings have been reset. You need to set your BIOS back to original settings and restore your default settings. If you fail to update your BIOS, take our help.

Are you getting “Failed to Overclock” BIOS Error?

This error message has been shown on the screen when your BIOS settings have been cleared. There are some occurrences which cause this error- If your system has been physically moved if you are adding a new and defective device if your RAM or CPU is overclocking, your system is facing power issues, or your CMOS battery fails. Usually one should not overclock RAM or CPU as it increases the heat levels in PC and can damage the PC components and therefore decrease the life expectancy of your PC. But if you still want to and can’t, avail our services.

Receiving “Failed Device” BIOS Error frequently?

This type of BIOS error occurs on the screen when any new hard drive or flash drive is connected to your PC. Usually, all the ports in your PCs are tested thoroughly so adding any new device cannot be a problem but if any failed USB device or drive is connected, the screen shows this error. If you encounter this BIOS error, then you should simply disconnect your PC from the device and reboot to observe whether the error continues. If still, it occurs, take our expert’s advice to resolve your problem.

Regardless of these, there are certain issues which arise like- windows ten cannot upgrade because of BIOS; After BIOS update Windows 10 boot loop, etc. If you encounter any such issues, then call us immediately for best support service. We assist our customers in the best possible way.

Services that We Provide to Our Customers:

  • Update your BIOS to run your computer properly
  • Fix BIOS corruption issues on windows 10
  • Reflash and reset your BIOS
  • Solve Windows Boot loop issue after updates
  • Replace damaged BIOS chips in your motherboard
  • Upgrade the BIOS version

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You can avail our services by calling us at our service helpline number +1-888-380-9054 for BIOS Update. You can also take our email support by emailing your problems at our email address, and we will reply soon with recommended fixes if possible. You can even talk to our qualified and experienced executives through Lenovo Live Chat Support. We have a dedicated team of professionals who cater to users’ needs and provide solutions to them accordingly. We guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction.

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