Optimize Your Pc for Maximum Performance by Resolving Blue Screen Errors

Blue screen error better is known as stop error is a fatal system error which is displayed on the Windows computer system screen when the operating system reaches a situation where it can no longer be operated in a safe mode. These errors are also referred to as “bug check” in the Windows software development kit. It very frequently takes place in Microsoft’s home operating systems. Windows 3.1 displays this error as Black Screen of Death instead of blue.

While working on any personal computer or laptop, sometimes it happens that due to system crash the user faces an error which is better known as Blue Screen Error. This error is generally known as BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error. It is mainly due to any faulty hardware, or it’s the result of low-level software crashing. If you face this error, the system will restart automatically without any prior reason. The user can easily read that error message which comes with it; they can disable this option “Automatically Restart” from the Windows Control Panel

Are you getting SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION Blue Screen Error 0X00000003B ON Windows 7?

This error message attributes to out-dated or corrupt device drivers. So you can check your device’s driver’s actual condition. If it’s corrupted you need to uninstall it or if it is out-dated, you need to update it. You can also use Driver Booster to identify any issue in your drivers.

Based on the issue which is associated with the reason for systems’ crash or blue screen error there can be various error messages. For example,

  • SYSTEM_SERVICE-EXCEPTION (Ntfs.sys) error – This error message is reported in your Windows 10 while playing Asus Game First Service. It is caused by an incompatible driver, hardware, and software. The best way to solve it by removing that game service and disabling the problematic components whether its hardware, software or driver.
  • SYSTEM_SERVICE-EXCEPTION (ks.sys) error – This error occurs when there is a problem with any of hardware components even that can be built–in the monitor. Suppose if there is a problem in Webcam, you want to disable your Webcam.

You can take help of our Blue Screen Error Service to resolve your difficulties.

Some of the Lenovo Tech Support Services that We Provide:

  • Fix Blue Screen Error by managing the Action Centre
  • Boot the system in either safe mode or safe mode with networking
  • Check your systems’ storage devices and connections
  • Check your system software and update it if its out-dated
  • Restore system for fixing Windows Blue Screen Error
  • Scan the system with antivirus software
  • Provides support for all reinstalling Windows and solve this error

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