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Lenovo develops designs and markets innovative PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc. After Dell and Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo became the world’s third highest PC manufacturer. Its integrated end-to-end business models with its reliable and high-end products; The Company has met the demands for personal computers in rest of the world.

When it comes to computers, many people take their keyboards granted. But the keyboard is an integral part of your computer so some care must be exercised while using it. Your keyboard might create problems at any time, and it may hamper your work. Here some of the issues relating to Keyboard have been discussed.

Spilled water on the keyboard of your Lenovo Laptop?

Accidentally if water gets spilled on the keyboard, the keys stop to respond in a normal way. It can be seen that water is dripping off from the keyboard when you lift it. You need to dry it up as some columns or rows of keys might fail to perform. But you should not dry it on your own by using a hair dryer or using any other drying techniques because excessive heat can damage the platters of keyboard keys.

Is your screen showing “Keyboard Not Found” Message?

This message appears if your keyboard is not plugged into the computer in a secure way. You should unplug and plug it back again to check whether the device detects your driver or not. If it does not get caught you need to follow certain troubleshooting steps to resolve this problem, or you can even call us to make your task easy.

Is your keyboard Not Taking inputs From your Computer or Laptop?

In case you encounter such problem, make sure that your keyboard is properly connected to your computer. Some users by mistake plug the keyboard into the mouse jack and not on keyboard jack. So correct it, plug it back and reboot the computer. If still, it doesn’t work, check your BIOS to ensure that your keyboard driver is installed on it. If BIOS recognizes it then probably there is some issue in your keyboard port. So call us for proper troubleshooting and fixing your issues.

Apart from all these, if you have any other issues with your keyboard, you can call us to avail our Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Repair Services.

We Provide following Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Repair Services:

  • Connect your keyboard device properly
  • Replace your plugs or pins if there is any problem
  • Update your software device from the manufacturer’s website
  • Clean your keyboard with spray-n-wipe cleaner to remove all dust particles from it
  • Clean individual keys with cotton dipped in alcohol
  • Pull out keys from stuck down position using a chip puller
  • Solve all plugin issues of your keyboard
  • Reboot your computer if BIOS fails to recognize the keyboard

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You can call us at our Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Repair helpline number +1-888-380-9054 to fix all your laptop keyboard issues. You might even text us at this number your queries, and you will get instant replies as we are very responsive to our customer’s calls and messages. You can also avail our Live Chat service and talk to our customer support executives for solving your queries and issues online. They will recommend you perfect troubleshooting steps to resolve your difficulties. We provide an outstanding service to all our customers at an affordable price so that they can easily rely on us and avail our service.

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