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Lenovo is an innovative multinational company which was formed as a result of the acquisition of IBM Personal Computing Division’s Lenovo Group. The company manufactures designs and markets high-quality products and value-added services to all the customers around the world. Lenovo Group Ltd. is the renowned global manufacturer of PCs.

Lenovo provides a qualitative range of desktop PCs which are assembled by using advanced technology and most excellent quality components. Their extensive portfolios of PCs are examined on different parameters to ensure high quality and performance. Their motherboards are fitted with printed circuit boards with expansion capability which includes sound cards, video cards, RAM, etc.

Are you facing an obstacle with your device due to the problem in RAM? Is your Lenovo laptop running too slowly because of issues with the processor? Here we are analyzing some of the common issues that the user encounters.

Spilled water on the motherboard of your Lenovo laptop? Want solutions?

If you dropped water on the motherboard of your computer, every data can be ruined within a fraction of a second. Your device contains small chips which are hard to clean as they are of minor shapes and consists of circuit chips. The procedure to clean it not so easy–as you need to remove the crud between the circuit traces and it requires a magnifying glass and isopropyl alcohol to displace the moisture from it. There can be short circuit also. In case you spilled water on your Laptop, call us immediately for proper support.

Are you facing difficulties with the power button connection in the Lenovo Laptop Motherboard?

The power button on the computer’s case connects to the motherboard through a small and thin two-pin wire, labeled with plus and minus symbols. Lining these plugs up with the motherboard can be a bit difficult as first of all it is printed in such small texts that it’s not possible without using the microscope to see that text and secondly you need to consult the motherboard’s manual to align the connection with the pins correctly. But you need not get worried.

Our team of Lenovo Laptop Motherboard Repair provides service for different motherboard problems. Few of these are listed below:

  • Provide help with all installation and configuration issues of a motherboard
  • Provide support for solving itching fan sound problems of the processor
  • Replace the system battery of the motherboard, if you have a weak battery
  • Replace graphics card if its non-functional
  • Clean the RAM connectors and locate RAM slots properly
  • Repair all other common problems of the motherboard

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You can dial our number for Lenovo Laptop Motherboard Repair Services and talk to our executive at the toll-free number +1-888-380-9054 at any time of the day. We are 24×7 available to our customers. Our group of experts are there to assist you with the best possible solutions. You can talk to our qualified and experienced specialists through online Live Chat support and solve all your queries. You might also text at our repair service number and ask for any assistance. Feel free to drop a mail at our mail address informing about your issues and take remote support from us.

We assure you that our skilled personnel will not let you down and provide you with 100% satisfaction with our unmatched services.

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