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Is your Lenovo Laptop behaving strangely after exposure to liquid? If so, its time you need our water damage repair diagnostics.

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational IT company which manufactures, develops and sells smartphones, tablet computers, personal computers, servers, IT management software, electronic storage devices, workstations, etc. The company also sells network-attached storage solutions in a joint venture with EMC called Lenovo EMC.

If a computer has water damage, it will not be likely in a working condition. Even if the computer is dried out, there is no guarantee of the fact that the battery, hard drive, RAM and other parts will be working well. But if you encounter such situation, disconnect your computer from the power outlet and remove the battery from its casing. This will prevent you from getting short-circuit.

Your Lenovo Laptops Hard Drive Gets Wet? – Take our help

When your hard drive gets wet, it fails to run, and there is a larger chance that you might lose all your important files and data stored on the hard drive. So in order to recover that, you should take an expert’s advice apart from trying to dry it on your own by using a hair dryer or by applying any other drying techniques because excessive heat can damage the platters of the hard drive. Though it dries up, some minerals remain attached to it which may cause corrosion. So you can dial us to take our Lenovo Laptop Water Damage repair service.

Spilled Water on your Keyboard?

In case you have spilled water on the keyboard, unplug it from the CPU at first. Then take it upside down and shake it for losing the water. After that unplug the screws at the bottom and blow it dry. But you should not use any hair dryer or drying instruments to do so because excessive heat may damage the inner components of your keyboard or even it might lead to short circuit.

Apart from these, if you damage any other computer parts due to liquid; you can contact us immediately for our support service. We can provide you with certain troubleshooting steps and some recommendations for preventing liquid damage. To avoid future liquid mishaps on your computer, you can use silicone or clear plastic keyboard cover and a waterproof laptop skin protector to safeguard your gadget. But be careful while doing so, not to cover any ventilation holes.

We Provide following Services to the Customers:

  • Helps in reassembling your computer parts after cleaning
  • Examine your PC Repair to check if corrosion has formed
  • Clean your computers parts using isopropyl alcohol to prevent stickiness
  • Make your computer and laptop functional again.
  • Repair laptop screen if it is damaged
  • Restore all your data back if the hard disk is damaged

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